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The chef prepares a generous and varied cuisine consisting of fish dishes done in the oven, in the plancha, on charcoal grills or in salt crusts. We also offer meat specialities like paella, mariscada or pareillada and especially the cochon de lait or the cargolade! You will have a great time!

Discover our menus:

Convent Menu (€19,90) - Dominican Menu (€29,90) - Children Menu (€10) - Garden Menu (€39,90)

Do not hesitate to download our menu for more information by clicking below:


The Convent Formula

(at lunch, except on Sundays and public holidays)
25,00 €

Marinated anchovies, red peppers and pan con tomate speciality
 Whelks, prawns and aioli font
Salade au Saint-Marcelin chaud IGP
Duo de fouet catalan et Serrano, pan tomate
Grilled fish fillet
Fisherman’s cassolette (fish, calamari, mussels) 
Charred Catalan charcuterie skewers (sausage, pudding, coustellou)
Charred Catalan sausage
Crema Catalana, Gypsy’s arm or chocolate mousse

Child Menu

Saucisse grillée ou Filet de poisson frais 

(frites ou riz) 

+ cône glacé

Dominican Menu
35,00 €

Cargolade (20 escargots) 15 min
Notre poêlée d’asperges et de pleurotes
Collioure plate (marinated anchovies, peppers, escalivada, hard-boiled egg, pan con tomate)
Deep-fried small artichoke hearts with Serrano ham
Gratinated mussels with old Banyuls or aioli
Fish soup with side dish
Assortment of Catalan charcuterie with pan con tomate
Fish fillet and gambas blanquette duo with chanterelles
 Cuttlefish stew with old Banyuls 
Gratinated cod loin with aioli
Fricasséed calamari and chorizo a la planxa
 Meat of your choice in *
Dessert of the day, Tiramisu, fresh pineapple Carpaccio or rum-raisin ice cream or iced nougat

Garden’s Menu
45,00 €

Cargolade (20 escargots) 15 mn 
  Notre tartare de thon à la mangue et piment d’Espelette
Les oeufs pochés aux girolles, épaule Ibérique Bellota 
Assiette de foie gras de canard mi-cuit maison
Pica pica plate
(Serrano ham, marinated anchovies, red peppers, Manchego cheese, warm sobrassada, deep-fried calamari and brown shrimps, pan con tomate)
 Chef’s seafood gratinated cassolette
Poêlée de tellines à la crème d’ail
Charred fresh tuna steak
Royal bream lasagna with chanterelles
Home-made Zarzuela
Fish parrillada
 (Whole whiting, monkfish, gambas, calamari) 
Whisky-flambéed wild gambas
Ris de veau rôtis au beurre, sauce aux morilles
Beef steak with Banyuls miroir sauce
Charred lamb chops (depending on the season)
 or oven-roasted lamb shoulder, with vegetables
Previous menus desserts, profiteroles, Iced Grand Marnier Soufflé, Homemade mille feuille with raspberries
or Our rum baba


Pan con tomate 4.00€
Catalan escalivada 9.50€
Marinated anchovies with pan con tomate 7.50€
Fouet catalan 7.50€
Aubergines a la planxa 7.50€
Small chorizo a la planxa 9.00€
Warm Iberian sobrassada with honey 9.00€
Catalan sausage 9.00€
Razor clams a la planxa 12.00€
Deep-fried calamari 10,00€
Deep-fried artichoke heart with Serrano ham 9.00€
Manchego 9.00€

Hot starters

Poêlée d’asperges et pleurotes 14,00€
Les oeufs pochés aux girolles, épaule Ibérique Bellota 18.00€
Les noix de coquilles St-Jacques fraîches justes grillées et fines tranches d'épaule ibérique Bellota, sauce aux morilles 20.00€
Moules gratinées au vieux Banyuls ou à l'aïoli 12.50€
Escalopes de foie gras poêlé, jus au vieux Banyuls (France) 18.00€
Soupe de poissons et sa garniture 12.50€
La cassolette de fruits de mer gratinée du chef 16.50€
Poêlée de tellines à la crème d’ail 16.50€
Cargolade (30 escargots cuits à la braise, sel, poivre) aïoli . 20,00€
Les petites gambas rouges yéyé grillées à l’huile d’olive et fleur de sel (x 10) 20,00€

Cold starters

Anchoïade de Collioure (anchovies in salt, red peppers, hard-boiled egg)

Collioure plate (green salad, anchovies in vinegar, red peppers, escalivada, hard-boiled egg) 12,50€
Assortment of Iberian charcuterie with pan con tomate .20,00€
Serrano ham plate with pan con tomate  12.50€
Bellota Iberian shoulder plate with pan con tomate 20,00€
Home-made semi-cooked duck foie gras plate with fruit tarte tatin 16.50€

Tuna tartare with mango and Espelette pepper


Saint-Marcelin salad IGP


Pica pica plate (green salad, marinated anchovies, red peppers, Manchego cheese, deep-fried calamari, sobrassada, pan con tomate) 14,50€
Vegetarian plate (Assortment of hot and cold starters) 14,50€


Catalan plate 30,00€
Home-made Zarzuela (30 mn) 30.00€
Monkfish blanquette with scallops and chanterelles 35.00€

Seared Royal mariscada with persillade and flambéed with Armagnac (gambas, calamari, razor clams, mussels)

Royal parrillada a la planxa (whole Royal bream, whole whiting, monkfish, calamari, gambas)  35,00€
Winemaker’s plate (monkfish, scallops, seared foie gras, with Banyuls miroir sauce)  39,00€
Royal paella (minimum of 2 persons) (30 min) (monkfish, sausage, coustellou, calamari, gambas, mussels) 28.00€ per person
Royal bream lasagna with porcini mushrooms 25.00€
Sliced ​​veal sweetbreads roasted in butter, morel sauce 35,00 €
Cargolade (30 escargots)  20.00€
Cargolade (50 escargots 30.00€
Cuttlefish stew with old Banyuls  22.00€
Whole grilled lobster with butter and fleur de sel, flambéed with Armagnac (env. 500 g) 59.00€


Piano Jazz (July, August, September - 20h00).

Whole fish

Whole wild fish = 7.50 €/100 g (wolf fish, bream, gurnard, turbot, John Dory…)
Whole farmed fish = 25.00 €/unit (400/600 g)

Cooking options: char-grilled - salt crust baked
- grilled or a la planxa and pastis-flambéed at your table - oven-baked in the traditional way

Choose your wild fish for one or two persons at our stall. We will weigh and cook it.

This Winter, we will prepare Catalan Ollada every Friday night

Seafood and Platters

6 Bouzigues oysters N°3 12,00 €
12 Bouzigues oysters N°3 24,00 €
Aioli whelks plate 11,00 €
Mayonnaise prawns plate  14.00€

SAILOR platter (for one person)

6 oysters, 6 mussels, 6 whelks, 6 prawn


CAPTAIN platter (for 2 persons)

12 oysters, 12 mussels, 12 whelks, 12 prawns


Whole European blue lobster from the tank grilled in butter and fleur de sel, flambé with Armagnac

59,00 €
Large piece of Breton or Normand blue lobster 125,00 €/kg


1 scoop 3,00 €
2 scoops 6,00 €
3 scoops 8,00 €
Catalan Cup (nougat ice cream, vanilla, rousquille, whipped cream) 10,00 €
Café Liégeois (2 scoops of coffee, 1 scoop of vanilla, cold coffee, whipped cream) 10,00 €
Chocolate Liégeois (2 chocolate balls, 1 vanilla ball, hot chocolate, whipped cream) 10,00 €
Dame blanche (3 scoops of vanilla, hot chocolate, whipped cream). 10,00 €
Coupe des îles (1 scoop of vanilla, 1 scoop of rum and raisin, Bailey's, whipped cream) 12,00 €
Coupe Colonel (2 lemon scoops, vodka) 12,00 €
Sup. whipped cream (sweet whipped cream) 1,50 €

Grilled fish and crustaceans

Filets de daurade royale ou de loup justes grillés 20,00 €
Daurade royale entière à la braise 20,00 €
Dos de morue gratiné â l'aïoli  20.00€
Fricaséed baby calamari and chorizo a la planxa 22.00€
Fresh scallops plate 25.00€
Scallops Rossini with Banyuls miroir sauce 35.00€
Grilled and roasted monkfish medallions with Serrano ham and chorizo 25.00€
Whisky-flambéed wild gambas 25.00€
Grilled fresh sole (depending on delivery) 35.00€
Whole turbot (approx. 500 g) 25.00€
Fresh tuna tartare with mango and Espelette pepper 25.00€
Charred fresh tuna steak with aioli toast 25.00€
Bream fillet, calamari, gambas, zarzuela-flavored juice 22,00 €

Char-grilled meat

*Catalan Skewer (sausage, pudding, coustellou) 18.00€
*Catalan sausage 16.50€
*Grilled Angus Parsley 22,00 €
*Pork cheeks preserved in old Banyuls 20.00€
French rib steak (approx. 300 g) Depending on availability: Limousine, Aubrac, Charolaise, etc 24.00€
Entrecôte, rib steak style (about 1.5 kg) Depending on availability: Limousine, Aubrac, Charolaise, etc. 85.00€
Duck magret 25.00€
Char-grilled lamb chops 25.00€
Oven-roasted lamb shoulder, with vegetables 25.00€
Beef steak Charolais 28.00€
Beef steak Rossini 35.00€
Sliced ​​veal sweetbreads roasted in butter with morel sauce 35.00€
*Home-made beef tartare (depending on season) 18.00€
Sauce supplement (Banyuls, pepper, Roquefort)  3.00€
Morel sauce supplement 5.00€
Seared foie gras escalope supplement 10.00€


Catalan cream ““bien sûr” 8,00 €
Chocolate Mousse 8,00 €
Fresh pineapple carpaccio, rum-raisin ice cream 8,00 €
Bras de Vénus (sponge cake, rum, custard) 8,00 €
Tiramisu 8,00 €
Mille feuille with raspberries 8,00 €
Home-made Iced nougat 8,00 €
Grand Marnier iced soufflé 10,00 €
Salted butter caramel chocolate fondant 10,00 €
Profiteroles 10,00 €
Rum baba 10,00 €
Cheese platter (Roquefort, Catalan tome, manchego). 10,00 €
Gourmet coffee (rousquille, crunchy, Venus arm, Catalan cream) 10,00 €
Catalan plate (rousquille, crunchy, Venus arm, Catalan cream + glass of Banyuls) 10,00 €
Dessert of the day 8,00 €

If you are allergic or have any intolerance towards any food,
Kindly inform the Butler before ordering